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Yalta, Feodosia, Evpatoria Crimea as a resort began to develop in the second half of the XIX century. Since then, he has gained fame as a place of rest for…

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Where to go or go when visiting St. Petersburg – holy places

If you are planning to go to Petersburg and reflect on places that can be visited, then I suggest you familiarize yourself with the historical places of Orthodoxy at a distance of one day of travel.
As you know, Petersburg appeared on the banks of the Neva River only in 1703, and before that there were forests and marshes here and these lands were under the jurisdiction of the city of Veliky Novgorod. Veliky Novgorod was great due to many circumstances: both in the striving for independence from Moscow, and because of its location on the trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks, and thanks to the territories it occupied. The interests of the merchants of Veliky Novgorod spread from the shores of the Baltic Sea to the Urals. Even the lands of Perm were partly Novgorod. The baptism of Russia took place somewhat earlier than many Western European countries, and over the past centuries many monasteries, deserts, and temples have appeared on the former Novgorod lands, where it is now possible to come and find historical, architectural and spiritual heritage.
This article will briefly list the places where it is possible to go if you find yourself in St. Petersburg. All these trips are organized by pilgrimage services, which are combined into single groups and sent to the holy place.
One of the most famous routes lies on the island of Valaam, which became the place where many prayer books and hermits were brought up, which gave rise to monasteries, of which they are now said to constitute the “necklace of Karelia” and call these places the Northern Thebaid.
Weekly pilgrimage groups depart from St. Petersburg for 1-2 days on Valaam Island, where they get acquainted with the central manor, at will they visit the Holy Island, where they prayed St. prep. Alexander Svirsky and many monasteries of the monastery.
There is a trip to the Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery – an outpost of Orthodoxy in western Russia, which never interrupted prayers, never closed and kept for us the education of prayer books and monks.
There is a trip to the Varlaamo-Khutynsky monastery, the founder of which was perspicacious and became the mentor of another holy man – St. prep. Anthony Dymsky. When traveling to the Varlaamo-Khutynsky monastery there is also a visit to Veliky Novgorod itself, with the Yuriev monastery and the Sofia cathedral, where the miraculous icon of the Sign and the relics of St. Annas patroness of Veliky Novgorod. According to the legends of sv. Anna is the wife of Yaroslav the Wise, the first of the princely wives, who took vows to the monastery and pointed the way to many princes after working for the good of the fatherland to take care of the soul.
There is a trip to Valdai in the wondrous Svyatoozersky Iversky Monastery, where the miraculous image of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located. This is a place for the rest of the soul, about which they say “There is a heaven in heaven, and there is Valdai on earth” …
There is a trip to the city of Tikhvin to pay homage to the miraculous Icon of Tikhvin, which keeps Russia on the borders of the North-West of Russia. And this is a trip with a visit to the monastery of St.. prep. Anthony Dymsky and with. Old Ladoga. with. Old Ladoga is our memory of the once magnificent capital of North Russia, Ladoga. This city once met overseas merchants on the trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks, and thanks to this city our country was called Gardarika in antiquity. And now in the ancient capital of North Russia 2 pre-Mongol temples have been preserved.
There is a trip to the Pokrovo-Tervenichesky Convent, which is only 23 years old and about which the pilgrim once said: “Here I felt the presence of the Most Holy Mother of God in a special way.”
There is a route to the Vazheozersky monastery on the territory of Karelia, which was founded by students of St. prep. Alexander Svirsky, and in which the constant prayer. There is a route with a visit to one of the unique places on the events – Holy Trinity Alexander Svirsky monastery. This is the place where the Lord appeared to an earthly person in his fullness. And this place which to this day is a miracle of faith and following God – the imperishable relics of St. prep. Alexander Svirsky – the founder and hegumen of the monastery.
There are trips to the Introduction-Oyatsky Monastery – a place with a radon source – a healer for many ailments. There is a trip, which is called “Piles of the Most Holy Theotokos” or “the fifth lot of the Most Holy Theotokos”.
All the above listed trips are weekend trips that are organized either weekly or on a special schedule. If there is an interest to get acquainted with all the routes, visit the site of the pilgrimage service, it is also possible to find hotels for pilgrims to stay there (minimum comfort, low prices, like-minded people by faith).

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