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Holidays in Spain - interesting facts
Holidays in Spain - interesting facts Spain Spain Who among us would not like to spend holidays in Spain? After all, this sunny country is famous for its pleasant climate,…

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Holiday in Thailand - a dream or a reality?
Incredibly multi-colored, fabulous, warm Thailand - a real dream for many. However, this dream can be fully realized, which is proved annually by thousands of tourists traveling to this country.…

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What to do in Bangkok

nyone who decides to visit Bangkok during his stay in Thailand can be sure that he will not be disappointed. The first thing that catches the eye, or rather, annoying smell receptors is the riot of odors. All sorts of flavors accompany everywhere, chasing literally on the heels, and after only a couple of hours a bouquet of fragrances from fried fish, nuts and dried squid does not seem so shocking.
If you do not take into account all the “incense”, beating in the nose of an untrained traveler, then you need to recognize the fact that Bangkok is really fascinating. Not every country can boast with such a myriad of impressive sights, which is probably why the feedback from tourists is so eloquent. Many compare Bangkok with Singapore and Shanghai, seeing in it a cross between these Asian metropolises. Indeed this is so. Singapore’s style, seasoned with the cosmopolitan Shanghai – and now you have Bangkok in all its glory.
Dreaming about a beach holiday with a glass of cocktail to go here does not make much sense. One or two days excursion will not be remembered by anything except the constant running around from one sight to another. To form an opinion about this majestic and such a diverse city, it takes an average week. Then everything seen will be stored in memory and will not turn into a mixed lump of impressions. Enjoy the beauty of the temples in a hurry will be extremely careless. At least four hours will be needed to consider at least the basic nuances of these historical “Atlantes”, and in the Dusit Zoo you can disappear altogether for a whole day.
Separate conversation requires shopping in the Thai capital. In the city there are a myriad of small boutiques and shops, as well as high-rise hypermarkets. Buying everything is certainly not worth it, although many things are worthy of attention. Prices for the same goods may vary depending on the level of the shopping center, so you should not be afraid. It is better to turn off from the central streets and go deep into the quarters, located far away from the branded centers, and the cost of clothes will be much more accessible.
You can eat at any restaurant, it is not necessary to go somewhere on purpose, especially considering the endless traffic. The menu at catering establishments, as a rule, practically does not differ from each other, so you can safely order shrimps and squid, grilled on the grill right where it was covered with hunger. The main thing to remember is the magic phrase with a request not to pepper, since the cuisine here is as sharp as in all of Thailand. If you want to visit the cafe for someone’s recommendations, use a taxi – this is the most accessible form of transport in Bangkok.
Thailand is on the list of “burning” countries. A voucher can become hot 2-4 days before departure if there are a lot of unsold seats left on the flight. Last-minute tours to Thailand are loved by our compatriots,including because a visa is not required.

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