Holidays in Vietnam
Holidays in Vietnam Vietnam is a very diverse country with a developing economy, which it will be interesting to visit both investors and the ordinary tourist, whom Vietnam will amaze…

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Traveling with a child: what transport to choose?
Are you going on a trip with a small child? Congratulations! Someone will say that you are a desperate parent. We, on the contrary, will support you, and we will…

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Traveling with a child: what transport to choose?

Are you going on a trip with a small child? Congratulations! Someone will say that you are a desperate parent. We, on the contrary, will support you, and we will say that there is nothing terrible in it. The main thing – to properly prepare for the trip. And we will leave stereotypes to all uncertain, forever doubting homebodies.
First you need to decide on the transport on which you plan to get to your destination.
The plane is undoubtedly the most convenient form of transport in terms of speed of delivery to the desired resort. But here you need to try to circumvent all the pitfalls.
From a motion sickness, a bracelet or medicine will do (need to be given half an hour before takeoff)
Moisten the nasal mucosa of the baby, lubricate with antiviral ointment in order to prevent diseases, because the air in the plane is dry, stale due to the large number of passengers. An unprepared small body can not cope, and you will receive upon arrival of a sick baby.
Be sure to take plain water with you to the salon (exclude sweets, sweet soda and juices), it is better to take something light from the food, for example, an apple.
Favorite toy will calm, entertain and bring a sense of comfort and safety.
The main problem that confronts parents when traveling by car is fatigue and motion sickness. Get in advance a bracelet from motion sickness. While on the move, you must constantly make stops: for a dream (book a hotel / hostel / apartment), food (look for decent meals in advance on your way), a toilet, and just stretch stiff limbs. If your baby is less than 5 years old, stop every 2 hours. So the trip will be less tiring for him.
The child must be carried away. Consider what toys you take with you. It should be your favorite, already proven toys, and new ones that can interest your baby. On sale now there are small tables that are attached to the car seat. On it, the child can easily assemble the designer, and sculpt from clay, and draw.
The chair should be comfortable, and try to test it in advance. Let your trip over such a long distance not be the first. Teach your baby gradually to the fact that you need to sit in a strapped state for quite a long time, and to the seat itself, and to the noise of the car.
Nutrition. The easiest way to travel with babies. Food is always with you: tasty, safe, and even heated is not necessary. If the child already eats ordinary foods, it is better to take everything with you: brew a mug in a thermos, fill with fruit puree, take your favorite cookies or bread. They, too, can be a good distraction, if the child is capricious.
Just in case, check the addresses and phone numbers of the nearest polyclinics and hospitals that you will have along the way. Anything can happen on the road.
Ideally, you should buy all the coupe, then the trip will be more or less comfortable. Do not share shelves and a table with anyone. You are left to themselves. If you can not buy everything, then you should take the required number of tickets, but again in the compartment car.
Entertainment: games, toys, fairy tales, stories, comments, “what’s behind the window.” In fact, the train ride is a little adventure. Children will remember it for a long time, especially if they captivate.
Nutrition. No problem if the baby is breastfed. Slightly more problems, if not: take vegetables, fruit purees, fruit, cereals, and any other healthy, tasty, habitual snack.
We advise you to take a travel pot. If the baby came out of the age of diapers, do not wear them during the trip. As a rule, the cars are very stuffy and hot, and the child will be completely uncomfortable. But the pot will have to be, by the way, in case of a busy toilet or a sanitary zone. Although, given the level of cleanliness of our wagon toilets, we recommend that you always use your own pot.
From motion sickness will help funds previously voiced.
The bus is the most unsuitable type of transport when traveling with a small child over long distances. As a rule, it is crowded and there is no possibility to go out, when you want, to walk around the cabin (in the case of children, run). No place to sit comfortably for sleeping. If you have a small baby, you will have to hold it all the way. However, if you can not avoid such a trip, then the previous recommendations on food, motion sickness and entertainment will do.
Travel, get to know the world with your children. Gain valuable experience yourself.

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