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Holidays in Vietnam

Holidays in Vietnam
Vietnam is a very diverse country with a developing economy, which it will be interesting to visit both investors and the ordinary tourist, whom Vietnam will amaze with its ancient culture, exoticism and sights.
Vietnam is located on the Indochina Peninsula, in Southeast Asia. The country is located on the coast of the South China Sea, most of the territory is occupied by mountains, islands, as well as two archipelagoes – Chyongsha and Hoangsha. About eighty million people live in Vietnam, most of them are Vietnamese. In the country, Vietnamese is the official language, but the local population also speaks French, English and Russian. Religion is Buddhism, it is professed by a large part of the population of Vietnam, however there are both Christians and Muslims here.
The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi, which means “surrounded by a river” in Vietnamese, and the city is located just on the banks of the Red River. It became the capital in 1010 thanks to the emperor Li Tkhai To, who moved the capital from Daila here. Today, Hanoi is a major city with a population of over four million. This is a business, political, cultural and industrial center of the country. And here are many sights of Vietnam.
The most popular place among tourists is the Mausoleum, which houses the body of the great communist leader, the world famous Ho Chi Minh. The mausoleum was built in 1975. Next to him you can see the House on stilts, where Ho Chi Minh lived. The mausoleum is guarded by soldiers of the guard of honor. It should be remembered that the mausoleum can not go in shorts and with things, as well as make photo or video.
The Temple of Literature, which was built in 1070 in honor of Confucius, is very interesting to visit. In fact, the Temple of Literature consists of two buildings. The first building is the Temple itself, and the second building was built in 1076 as the First Vietnamese University. The area of ​​the Temple is about 6,000 square meters. meters Of particular interest are Doctor’s steles – these are stones, on which notes on Confucian education are made, as well as notes on the history of each exam. Currently, cultural events and festivals are held in the Temple of Literature.
Fans of painting and sculpture will be interesting to visit the State Museum of Fine Arts. The collection of the Museum contains paintings of the best artists of Vietnam, ancient sculptures, archaeological finds.
You should definitely visit the Museum of Vietnam History. Its expositions will tell you about the history of the country in ancient times, the times of great empires and the period of Vietnam’s struggle for independence.
In Hanoi, many museums devoted to the history and culture of Vietnam: the Museum of the Vietnamese army, the Museum of the Revolution, the Hanoi Ethnographic Museum.
Nature lovers and those who want to relax in the fresh air, can go to the magnificent West Lake, formed as a result of partial flooding of land by the Red River. This is a very picturesque place, it was not for nothing that kings used to come here to rest. Here you can see the Kim Lien Pagoda, palaces, the Nguyen Sanctuary.
Be sure to walk along the path along the lake. It stretches nearly fourteen kilometers and leads you to the Peach Orchard, the Flower Village of Ngi Tam and the Temple of Thai Ho. West Lake is not only a landmark of Hanoi, but also a place where modern hotels and restaurants are located, in which tourists can enjoy the delicacies of Vietnamese cuisine.
Exotic lovers just have to visit the Serpentine Village, which is located in the vicinity of Hanoi. This is a real serpentarium, in each house the inhabitants are engaged in breeding and catching snakes, among which there are cobras, vipers and mounts. They have been engaged in similar fishing for almost nine hundred years. In the village, you can buy drugs based on snake venom, as well as all sorts of tinctures. In addition, there are several restaurants where you can taste dishes made from snakes.
Those who love the sea and the beach, of course, should go to Vung Tau, the most popular resort center in Vietnam. Excellent beaches, the sea washing Vung Tau from three sides, the bay, as if created so that ships could moor here, can all make your rest comfortable and unforgettable. There are also other places worth visiting.
Pure Nirvana House is one of the largest Buddhist temples in Vietnam. It is famous for unusual mosaics, a huge statue of Buddha and a bronze bell, which weighs about five thousand kilograms.
Park Altar Buddha shakes its natural beauty, a variety of Buddha figures, amazing animals and huge lotuses. Also in the Park a large number of souvenir shops, where you can buy inexpensive gifts from corals and shells.
In Vung Tau, it is possible to combine a pleasant and therapeutic holiday by visiting the Bintyau hot springs. This is truly a magnificent sight – a lot of lakes, more than seventy of which are filled with hot mineral water, surrounded by forest.

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