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Holidays in Spain - interesting facts
Holidays in Spain - interesting facts Spain Spain Who among us would not like to spend holidays in Spain? After all, this sunny country is famous for its pleasant climate,…

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How to travel by plane comfortable
Traveling is fun. New discoveries, impressions and acquaintances, good rest and a lot of pleasant little things - all this makes the holiday bright and rich. The smoother and more…

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Family holidays in Vityazevo

If you want to spend your vacation at sea with children, then there is no better place than Vityazevo! The beach strip is up to 200 meters wide with golden sand, it is well landscaped.
On the beaches there are water rides, slides that will bring a lot of pleasure to you and your children. At your service riding on a catamaran, jet ski. Fans of extreme sports are waiting for diving, riding a parachute, flying on a moto-deltoplane or the opportunity to rise into the sky on a light-engined plane.
Rest on the sea does not appear without sea bathing. And in Vityazevo, the sea warms up quickly and well, so the swimming season lasts from May to October. The seabed is flat and gentle, and you can not worry about the children.
In Vityazevo the problem of public catering is well solved. In the village there are a large number of catering establishments in which you can eat tasty and inexpensive. Along the beach there are numerous cafes and small restaurants where you can eat tasty and inexpensively. Also in the village are a lot of stalls selling juicy southern fruits.
Choosing a holiday in Vityazevo, you will not only enjoy the sea air, swimming in the sea, the beauty of the surrounding nature, but also be able to improve your health. Hot beach sand and medicinal mud of the Vityazevsky estuary have long been successfully used in balneotherapy. They have a particularly good effect in diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Rest in Vityazevo will bring pleasure to both parents and their children. For children there are places for games and entertainment. In Vityazevo, there are two parks with a large number of attractions, a visit to which will bring to your children quite a few pleasant moments. Rest in Vityazevo is approaching the standard for a European vacation at sea with the family.
For lovers of informative recreation, various excursions are organized. You can visit Abrau-Durso and take part in champagne tasting, visit the coast of the Azov Sea, explore the sights of Anapa, admire mountain waterfalls, enjoy the beauty of the caves. Tickets for excursions can be purchased easily at almost every intersection in Vityazevo.
In the evening, numerous entertainment establishments will open their doors for you. At your service discos, night clubs, concert halls. No one will be bored! Here everyone will find a rest for himself, which you will remember for a long time. Believe me, there is no better place for family holidays than in Vityazevo in Russia!

Where to go or go when visiting St. Petersburg - holy places
If you are planning to go to Petersburg and reflect on places that can be visited, then I suggest you familiarize yourself with the historical places of Orthodoxy at a…

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Journey to Suzdal
Not far from Vladimir is the ancient town of Suzdal, famous for its historical sights. The city was formed in the middle of the eleventh century during the time of…