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A walk through Vietnam

For modern tourists, the countries of the East and Asia are very attractive, since they are hardly known. Interesting buildings make fantasy run wild. Vietnam is a vivid example, there is a tremendous number of attractions, there are more than thirty of them in Ho Chi Minh City. For example: Vietnamese Notre Dame, Cu Chi tunnels, a museum of military operations, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh Botanical Garden, Mekong Canals. You can enumerate almost indefinitely – wherever you look, sights everywhere.
In a word, you cannot describe Vietnam – each city is different from each other. But one thing can be noted – this is a country with a communist present, where there are still pioneers and a monument to Lenin, a mausoleum, red flags, which cannot but be reminded of the Soviet past.
Ho Chi Minh City is the largest southern city of the country, founded in 1698, which was the capital of both French Indochina and South Vietnam. Today it is a modern metropolis located on the Saigon River, with tall buildings, a huge number of cafes and restaurants, made in the European style, but offering exotic Asian cuisine, for which come gourmets from different parts of the world. Skyscrapers here are side by side with old colonial buildings and many ancient temples. In Ho Chi Minh City, guests are offered a variety of excursions, for example, along the Mikong River, where a large floating market is located, where trade is in full swing. It sells everything fresh (fish, seafood and fruits) at very low prices. Sightseeing boats are sent to the factory for the manufacture of rice paper, candy. Anyone can buy your favorite product. From Ho Chi Minh City, tourists travel to the resort islands of Winperl and Nha Trang – the most beautiful, with modern hotels, clean beaches and excellent service.
From the colonial French era, Vietnam inherited a script based on Latin and Catholic churches – the Cathedral of St. Joseph and Notre-Dame de Saigon. In the center of Chinatown there are many pagodas, the most ancient is the Ba Thien Hau Temple. Its color is in aged, almost black, carved wood, faded painting.
Moving to Hanoi, you immediately notice the difference between cities. Even the air here is cleaner and fresher, it’s warm outside, but not stuffy. In the old town, people trade behind the counters, offering tourists many types of seafood with branded sauces and insects on skewers. Rocker women selling fruit, right there, on the street, local hairdressers serve their customers. And in Hanoi divine coffee!
The city is interesting because the locals love to dance – they do it right on the streets. The choreography is canceled, as if all professional dancers. Tourists do not stand aside and give in to dance fever.
In Hanoi, you can visit the lake Hoan Kiem (Lake of the Returned Sword). Here everything is beautiful, clean, neat. Around the lake there are restaurants where it is very pleasant to relax. And in the morning you can see the elderly Vietnamese doing exercises.
Vietnam is a many-sided country with strong, hardworking and loving people. Holidays in Vietnam with its unforgettable color will remain in your memory forever.

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