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Israel Travel News

In February 2013, the Israeli authorities significantly simplified and accelerated the entry procedure. The new system is working successfully and concerns not only entering tourists, but also citizens of Israel.
The essence of the innovation is that now, when crossing the border, instead of the entrance stamp in the passport you get a special coupon. An Israeli Migration Service employee scans your passport, reading the data: photo, first name, last name, passport number, date and time of entry into the country. All information is transferred to the voucher. But that’s not all. Each coupon has a unique bar code in which your personal data is encrypted, as well as information that is important for the migration service, for example, violations, such as unpaid fines or fixed illegal activities.
So, having received your ticket, you go to the turnstile to leave the controlled zone of the airport. The turnstile is equipped with a scanner that reads the barcode from an individual ticket, and if your data does not cause any questions to the Israeli Migration Service, the gate opens, and you successfully pass into the arrival hall.
New improved procedure has already been appreciated by many travelers. It significantly reduces the queue at the window of the immigration service and reduces the time it takes for the border to pass.
The Russian-language version of the official site of Jerusalem has opened. The decision to add a Russian-language page was made due to the increased number of Russian tourists coming to the capital of Israel. Only in the period from 2006 to 2011, the flow of tourists from Russia became five times larger, and the number continues to grow to this day. Therefore, now for the convenience of travelers the official site of Jerusalem will be available in Russian.
In addition to the Russian language, the site has already managed to learn also English, Italian and German. With the help of the official web page of Jerusalem, travelers can find out the latest and most useful information: prices in hotels, shops and restaurants, as well as information about attractions, excursions and ongoing seasonal activities. In addition, the site provides feedback – users can rate or write a comment to any material. A separate bonus is the booking function: you can book a hotel room, rent a car and even book tickets to some of the museums.
The rating, compiled by one of the national TV channels, includes only four beaches. In the first place was Rosh Ha-Nikra (Rosh Hanikra), located in the northern part of the country, near the border with Lebanon. It is a national reserve, washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and consisting of a multitude of grottos riddled with crevasses. The bays near the grottoes are a particularly picturesque sight, because they change their appearance and color depending on the time of day or season of the year, enchanting and attracting attention. True, beauty has a downside: in the hours of storms, not uncommon for this place, excursions to the grottoes are canceled.
The second place in the honorary list was taken by the Tayo beach, also located on the Mediterranean coast, near the city of Bat Yam in the Tel Aviv district. This is a quiet and quite secluded beach, which is highly valued by vacationers for their cleanliness and relaxing comfort.
The third place went to Gan-Leumi beach, which is located near the major tourist city of Ashkelon. The mild, warm Mediterranean climate, combined with a wide and long strip of clean sand – all this is like a gift for beach lovers. Also on the beach Gan-Leumi there are conditions for a family overnight.
And, finally, journalists placed Banana Beach, located in the south of the country, near the town of Nitsanim, in fourth place. It is a place of real pilgrimage for young people who love beach parties, camping and live outdoor concerts.
Now last minute tours to Israel have become more comfortable.