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Paradise vacation in the Maldives

Paradise vacation in the Maldives
Maldives tours
The tense rhythm of modern life leaves us with less and less opportunity for complete solitude and a relaxing full-fledged rest. To spend a vacation away from the annoying “charms” of civilization, without the hustle and bustle, among the untouched virgin nature dream of more and more potential vacationers who are tired of city life. In this regard, tours to the Maldives are in constant demand, despite the distance of the flight.
The Maldives – a unique work of nature in the equatorial waters of the Indian Ocean – the best place for such a secluded, serene rest among amazing nature. Any of the many coral islands – a fabulous world consisting of the stunning beauty of beaches covered with the finest white sand, bright green coconut and banana groves, mangroves and flowering tropical plants, a lagoon with warm clear turquoise water and a surprisingly bright, multicolored and diverse underwater world .
On each island, as a rule, there is only one hotel, which creates a feeling of complete peace for a few guests. Guests are accommodated in comfortable bungalows apart on the beach or located above the water, and nothing prevents them from enjoying the sound of the surf, the romantic beauty of sunny sunrises and sunsets, the beauty of flowering exotic plants and the extraordinary beauty of the underwater world.
Quiet rest contributes to the absence on the islands of road transport. The primary means of transportation is a bicycle or boat. The only exception is the island of Male, on which the capital of the Maldives of the same name is located.
The tourism industry in the Maldives offers travelers a comfortable, well-organized and varied holiday. In addition to the classic beach, it includes interesting excursions, boat trips, fascinating fishing and, of course, acquaintance with unusual underwater inhabitants. Gourmets will appreciate the refined and varied cuisine with lots of fish dishes and tropical fruits. The level of accommodation and service in hotels meets the highest European standards and will not cause complaints even from the most demanding tourists.
Almost every hotel, except for perfectly organized rest, can offer a full list of SPA-procedures, which also contribute to the creation and strengthening of emotional balance and harmony with the outside world. The infrastructure of each hotel is focused on a certain contingent of tourists.
There are many island hotels that specialize in creating a comfortable holiday for families with children. They have created everything necessary for an interesting holiday, both adults and children. Many hotels invite newlyweds and couples in love for a secluded romantic getaway. Arriving at such a hotel, you will feel like those unique and long-awaited guests, for whose staff created an extraordinary comfort and romantic atmosphere.
Explore the main natural wealth of the Maldives – a beautiful and diverse underwater world – inviting hotels aimed at lovers of deep-sea diving and water activities. Almost all schools of scuba diving are open in which anyone can take a course and get a pass to the underwater world – the prestigious international PADI certificate.
Having bought a tour to the Maldives from St. Petersburg or Moscow, you are guaranteed a vacation full of extraordinary, unforgettable impressions, which will certainly become one of the highlights of your life.

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