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Sri Lanka - the island of elephants, tea and Buddhism
The island of Sri Lanka is rightly called the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Even in ancient times, the Greek sailors, admiring indescribable beauty, called it “Taprobana”, which means “country…

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The most terrible places in the world

There are many mystical places on earth that cause fear and horror in people. They are filmed on photos and videos, legends tell about them, they are the ratings of the worst of them, and travel companies even sell vouchers to such places. Many of them appeared as a result of natural cataclysms, and some became the fruit of human activity.
Mystery and mystery, different spirits and ghosts have been attractive at all times. They are relevant today. Let’s name some of them.
The African horn or Afar basin, located in the countries of Somalia and Ethiopia. Geological activity here is such that the earth is constantly moving and shuddering from earthquakes, there is active volcanic activity, abysses are suddenly forming in different places.
Beautiful and dangerous at the same time is Mount Washington in the USA. Its height is 1917 meters. At the top there is the strongest wind in speed, about 400 km / h.
The desert of Danakil, located in Ethiopia, is called hell. Its surface is covered with hardened volcanic lava, the earth boils underfoot, and the stones melt, the hot air is saturated with sulfuric fumes harmful to human health.
There is a place in Turkmenistan called “Gates of Hell”, it’s really scary to be near them. In 1971, as a result of the accident at the drilling station, gas coming out of the fracture caught fire, which cannot be extinguished to this day.
In New Guinea, there is the city of Port Moresby, where cannibals live. Locals cost nothing to catch and eat a stranger. They don’t like to work, and it’s difficult to find work there, but I always want to eat.
In Italy there is an island of ghosts called Povela. In the Middle Ages, the corpses of those who died from the plague were brought here. In the 50s of the last century there was a clinic for the mentally ill. Her head doctor was an amateur to carry out various experiments on patients, and then he himself went crazy. He died jumping from the lighthouse.
Many nightmarish stories, gave rise to another mental hospital – Hellingly, where in the last century, one and a half thousand patients were kept in terrible conditions and where they practiced various methods of treating mental diseases.
There are several ghost cities in the world that were once abandoned by residents for various reasons. For example, the city of Centreiliya in the United States became a victim of fire. Previously, anthracite was mined here, the best grade of coal, which burns very slowly. After coal deposits ignited 50 years ago, they cannot be put out until now. As a result, the surface of the land in the city was covered with cracks, spewing acrid smoke. Residents were evacuated. It is assumed that coal in this place will burn for another 250 years.
Aokigahara Forest in Japan is literally covered with the corpses of suicides, who most often either hang themselves or are poisoned. Here voluntarily come those who decided to take their own lives.
Malta has a museum of torture tools in the basement of a building. Here are the most real instruments of torture. The wax figures of the victims look like they are alive. Presented even a staged execution scenes.
This is not the whole list of hellish places on earth that are known today. The worst of them has not yet been determined, although what could be worse than hell.

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