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The most interesting and unusual hotels in the world

It seems that in our time it is very difficult to lure a tourist to any country, a modern person will not be surprised at anything. In fact, it is not. We suggest you to go to the most interesting hotels in the world that will not leave anyone indifferent.
Our journey begins with the recollection of the fairy tale by G. H. Anderson, The Snow Queen. If you want to find yourself in the ice palace, then you will not regret settling in the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, located in Norway. The main feature of the hotel is that it is completely built of ice blocks and snow, which allows it to perfectly fit into the unusual landscape of this country. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is the most beautiful and the only ice building in the world. The construction of the hotel begins in the autumn, and in January it takes the first guests. In the summer, the building disappears under the influence of heat and sun, and with the arrival of autumn, construction begins again. The temperature in the hotel is about -6 ° C, and in order not to shiver from the cold and not to freeze, the guests sleep under blankets and deer furs. The hotel is located in the Alta River Valley and is famous for its own saunas, spa baths and spa treatments. This hotel is an unusual and beautiful residence of the Snow Queen.
Have you ever seen a huge anthill reaching to the sky? Our next stop is the Montaña Mágica Lodge Hotel, located in Chile, resembling in appearance an anthill. It helps guests to return to the origins of the universe and feel an integral part of the natural community. The hotel blends in well with the landscape of the environment, an artificial waterfall is created at its top, which is a unique highlight of the building. All the furniture in it is made of natural wood and creates an atmosphere of comfort and unity with nature. However, despite the appearance, inside the hotel is equipped with everything necessary for a person’s rest. Number of rooms – 13.
One of the most interesting and brightest hotels in the world Propeller Island City Lodge is located in Berlin. What is so unusual about this place? A feature of the building are its rooms, which number fifty. Each of the rooms has its own special and unique design, created by a certain artist. An important advantage of the hotel is the affordable cost of stay. And since each room was designed on the basis of a specific stylistic direction, you have the opportunity to make a choice based on your own aesthetic considerations. Artists and their views on art are the basis for the design of rooms, the selection of furniture and decor in this hotel. What is surprising is that each of the participants developing the projects of hotel rooms received complete creative freedom. Isn’t it interesting? In the hotel you can find both classic rooms and rooms that help you plunge into the world of fairy tales and childhood. The living space designed by Thomas Baumgartel will be very interesting to you – this is a real banana country. Images of these fruits are everywhere – on the surface of walls, beds and doors.
Nhow Berlin is the hotel of the future, which is also located in Berlin. The building can be described in several words – modernity, futurism, brightness, fashion. Its creator, Sergey Choban, developed the project as a place of stay for musicians, although every visitor of the hotel would like the beauty of the design, texture and futuristic design of the rooms.
The hotel is distinguished by a set of exceptional and unusual services, offering to plunge into the world of musical art. Do you want to play guitar or keyboards? They will bring them to your room, and the cost is included in the price. Do you like retro and are delighted with such music? No question – the hundreds of available radio stations will not disappoint you, and you will definitely find the broadcast that you like.
Our next stop is Sweden, the Sala Silvermine hotel. In the old mines of the small town of Sala is an unusual underground hotel. It is located at a depth of almost 200 meters. Most of all, it resembles the Moria Mines from The Lord of the Rings and offers visitors rooms with a minimum of furniture. In order to leave a lot of pleasant impressions about the hotel, staff conduct tours of the mines, where they mined ore. The Lux mine is the most comfortable and expensive room with free treats (cheese and wine), but here you will also see the Spartan atmosphere and the minimum number of interior items.
Treehotel is a hotel that is located in a forest. It is located in the forest of Harads, on the banks of the river Lule., In Sweden. The house has only a dozen rooms, but very unusual. They are suspended at a height of three meters above the ground. Some of the rooms are still being rebuilt, and those that are, fascinate with their beauty. “Bird’s Nest” is a hotel room, the main element of which is sticks and twigs, which will explain the name of the room. “Mirror cube” – a number indescribable in its beauty and singularity – a box lined with mirrors that reflect the forest panorama.