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Traveling comfortably – 11 useful tips for air travelers

The airport is a pleasant vanity and anticipation of something new, this sweet expectation of the beginning of the journey and the joy of meeting, this is where the road to the most desirable countries and favorite cities begins. Every traveler knows how amazing it is, even in something a magical place, which is associated with bright memories and bright moments.
Airports are different, and they leave impressions too different, for example, someone enjoys excellent service, and someone languishes in the queues at the passport control, and the same air harbor can leave opposite impressions.
To make your meetings with airports always pleasant, we have compiled a selection of useful tips for you – small tricks from professional travelers who will make air travel much more comfortable.
So, 11 useful tips for air passengers:
Fly at night. Night flights are often much more convenient and cheaper than day flights, since they are not as heavily loaded as day flights, plus the price of tickets for them is usually lower than on flights during peak hours.
Go left. Since most people are right-handed, the more to the right turn is more popular than the one on the left – a person instinctively turns in the direction of the “leading” hand, so take it a rule to orient yourself in such situations to the left.
Choose automation. Global Entry self-service kiosks will help you to go through an accelerated pre-flight inspection and save a lot of time – you do not have to stand in lines, waste your time and nerves.
Stock up on yummy. Do you want to take alcohol on board the plane? If you follow the rules, then everything is possible! If the volume of alcoholic beverages (or any other) does not exceed 100 ml, they are contained in a tight-fitting container, which, in turn, is placed in a 20x20cm package with a clasp, you can easily carry it with you to the salon.
Catch the stock. It’s hard to believe, but there are people who are tritely embarrassed to learn about promotions and discounts! Be interested in shares of airlines, choose tickets with discounts and you can quite save a decent amount of money on the flight. It is very easy!
Choose a parking lot. If you leave your car while traveling near the airport, compare the prices for parking – it often happens that leaving the car in the parking lot near the airport is cheaper than in the nearby paid parking.
Make photo reminders. Another tip in the continuation of the theme of cars and parking: if you take a picture of the parking space when you put the car into the parking lot, you will spend much less time searching for a car after returning from vacation.
Fighting turbulence. If you are afraid of being caught in turbulence, choose flights in the morning – at such times, the causes of this unpleasant phenomenon are much less.
Extreme warming. If you had an unforeseen overload of baggage on a small weight, you can pull out the largest and heaviest clothes and put on. Yes, the way, of course, is sometimes not very convenient, but if you do not want to pay the odds, you will agree, you can even throw a jacket.
Take a break from the baby. Traveling with a child? Remember that most of the airports in the world are equipped with special recreation areas for families with children, in which parents can relax, have a snack and tidy themselves while their little ones play under supervision in the children’s playroom. Sometimes parents need just a little bit to be happy, right?
Think of water. Every traveler knows firsthand about transcendental prices in airport cafes, but if there is no desire to overpay for regular drinking water, take an empty plastic bottle to the road with you. For example, it is convenient to carry a regular sports bottle with you, and if necessary at the airport you can always fill it with drinking water for free.