How to Build Bee Hives?
Sri Lanka - the island of elephants, tea and Buddhism
The island of Sri Lanka is rightly called the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Even in ancient times, the Greek sailors, admiring indescribable beauty, called it “Taprobana”, which means “country…

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Paradise vacation in the Maldives
Paradise vacation in the Maldives Maldives tours The tense rhythm of modern life leaves us with less and less opportunity for complete solitude and a relaxing full-fledged rest. To spend…

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Rest More – Live Longer

In society, you can often meet people for whom work is most important. For them, scientists from America introduced a special term – “absence of leave syndrome”. This is not an allegation, medical studies were conducted, the results of which should be known to every employee and his boss.
Those who consider rest to be a waste of time should know that their body’s tendency to develop such a disease as cancer increases significantly. A stroke is the second disease that threatens those who do not like to rest. Only three weeks of rest per year will correct the situation and reduce the likelihood of premature death by twenty percent. But remember, rest must be right. Simply put, the right rest is the one after which you do not need to rest. There are several strong recommendations for proper rest.
First you need to make the right choice where to go to rest. It is clear that the first criterion is the amount that is available. The second criterion is work. The choice of rest should be the opposite of working activity. If you are sitting at a computer – choose an active rest, and vice versa. Do not hesitate, in the end, you and your body will appreciate this choice.
Not everyone will like the second piece of advice, simply because the majority do not like to visit their primary care physician, that is, the therapist who is taking the appointment at your site. It is simply necessary for those who have chronic diseases, the doctor will give advice on which of the constantly taken pills should be replaced. A trip to the therapist will help you prepare for such a thing as acclimatization, because it was she who has already spoiled the rest of thousands of vacationers more than once. Also, the therapist will certainly give good advice about what to put in the travel first aid kit, in addition to sunscreen.
The third rule is not the easiest, but most important, it concerns alcohol and food. Eliminating alcohol is not necessary (if you drink it allows you to health), but they should not be abused. Pity yourself, because with its constant use, you do not remember half of the rest, as you know, it is memories that warm us from vacation to vacation. With regard to food, it is also worth being very moderate. If you want to try cockroaches or other exotic – try, but try moderately. Try not to overeat exotic delights, if you do not want to spend the entire vacation in a hospital bed. Do not buy food from street vendors, no matter how pleasantly they smile at you.
Try not to use unknown cocktails, drink plain water better, it quenches thirst much better. Take water only in bottles.
Do not forget about the hat and sunscreen. Do not become those hapless travelers who come to their senses after a couple more months of vacation.
Observing these recommendations, you will stock up with enthusiasm, good mood and health for the whole year. But most importantly, do not forget to take a camera with you, and try to capture the most exciting and bright moments in order to keep them for life.

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