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10 reasons to go to Israel
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Vladimir attracts tourists - lovers of antiquity
Traveling around the Golden Ring, be sure to visit Vladimir - the city of ancient Russian architecture. For the convenience of tourists - comfortable and modern hotels of Vladimir. They…

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Journey to Suzdal

Not far from Vladimir is the ancient town of Suzdal, famous for its historical sights. The city was formed in the middle of the eleventh century during the time of Prince Vladimir Monomakh. In the future, the city grew and became the center of the Suzdal principality. The city has experienced many dramatic events in Russian history. Gradually Suzdal ceased to be a major administrative center, turning into a quiet, cozy county town by the end of the 19th century.
Around the city there are many old villages. Not far from the city there is the church of Boris and Gleb built in 1152. Suzdal is a city where everything is permeated with antiquity. The city has more than a hundred ancient samples of architecture, most of which are known throughout the world.
Inspection of urban attractions is best to start from the main street, passing along which you can go to the Kremlin. Near the main tower of the Kremlin are the Assumption Church and the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin. The cathedral was originally wooden, but in 1222 it was reconstructed and rebuilt from white stone. The Kremlin also houses the world famous churches of St. Nicholas and the Nativity of Christ. Near the Kremlin there are numerous churches that are unique monuments of Russian church architecture.
In addition to numerous churches, there are old Alexander, Pokrovsky and Spaso-Efimiev monasteries in Suzdal. In addition to the remarkable examples of church architecture, in the old streets of the town there are many houses of old buildings. In the central city square there are merchant ranks.
A feature of Suzdal is that the houses of modern construction blend in well with the urban landscape. There are no high-rise buildings in the city. Preservation of the historical appearance of the town is the merit of the creators of the Suzdal architectural museum-reserve in Soviet times. The buildings of modern construction are represented by a variety of antique-styled towers.
In the town there are many small cozy hotels to accommodate tourists. Although many guests prefer to stay in hotels of Vladimir, because Suzdal is separated from Vladimir only some 30 km away, and a little journey only adds to the experience.
Numerous cafes of Suzdal are always ready to provide tourists with a menu of Russian dishes. The city is famous for its cucumbers. Residents of the town annually harvest abundant crops. In honor of this vegetable, a cucumber festival is held every year. Also in Suzdal is made the famous drink mead. Every tourist, having been in this ancient town, being in the unique atmosphere of the ancient times, will be captivated by the beauty and charm of the Suzdal land.

Bali Tours: Visit Paradise Island!
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Holidays in Vietnam
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