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10 things to do in Cuba

Holidays in Cuba are like traveling by a time machine – most of the country seems to exist in some kind of parallel reality that has remained in the past decades, if not centuries.
Here you will see amazing examples of truly luxurious architecture intertwined in a quaint pattern, peacefully coexisting for so many years, the primitive beautiful beauty of nature, the exotic life of the indigenous Cubans and the poverty that is incredible for the perception of Europeans. Cuba is a real country of contrasts, beautiful in any form.
To get acquainted with Cuba, you need to tune in a special way, because the rhythm of life of the Island of Freedom is significantly different from all that we have seen in our life.
Online Tikets has prepared for you a list of 10 things that must be done by every traveler who went on tour to Cuba. Feel free to include them in the schedule of your trip, and the sea of ​​bright, unforgettable impressions will be guaranteed!
1. Try Casa Particular in Cuba
If you really want not only to touch everyday life in Cuba, but also to experience it fully, try renting a private house in the Casa Particular program.
Casa in Cuba is represented very widely, so you can easily find an apartment, room or house for rent in exact accordance with your preferences and interests. You can choose the most different accommodation options, for example, if you are fond of art, you can stop at some local artist or musician.
2. Dance Rumba in the street
Filled and driven by African rhythms and sensual Spanish temperament, Cuban rumba is a truly primitive, primary form of dance. Cuban culture is always bright, freedom-loving and a little explosive, so dance impromptu in the rumba rhythm often blow up the sleepy peace of city streets.
Instead of waiting for such an impromptu performance, tourists can also go to the Centro Cultural El Gran Palenque to watch the Sábado de La Rumba dances, and even join the dancers at almost any time.
3. Proletarians of all countries, unite!
The famous Revolution Square in Havana, which previously bore the name Republic Square, is probably the best place in the world to experience the real air of freedom, so every traveler who comes to Cuba must visit it at least once.
This square, which at one time gathered at rallies and demonstrations of up to one and a half million Cubans at the same time, heard many flaming speeches of Fidel Castro, addressing Cuban citizens from the rostrum at the José Martí Memorial.
Another attraction of this square is a huge portrait of Ernesto Che Guevara, placed on the wall of the Memorial. At night, the image of the commandant of the Cuban revolution is beautifully highlighted, so in the evenings tourists often come here to take a couple of spectacular photos to remember.
4. Try Cuban cigars at the cigar museum
Cuba is home to the best varieties of tobacco in the world, and attracts a very large number of tourists. Many of the guests of the island, by the way, come here just to try real Cuban tobacco.
Tobacco plantations in Cuba are practically everywhere, but the main production of genuine Cuban cigars is concentrated in Havana. Be sure to go on a tour of the Partagas factory – here you can not only see the process of drying tobacco and producing cigars, but also try to make a Cuban cigar yourself. Also here you can buy the best cigars in the world – a truly welcome souvenir even for the most sophisticated connoisseurs.
5. Try fishing in the Gulf Stream
Not only fans of high-quality high-quality cigars come to rest in Cuba, but also connoisseurs of really good fishing.
The Gulf Stream, the warm Atlantic Current, which brings an incredible abundance of fish, is really the perfect place for big fishing. All you need is just to hire a boat, go to the Gulf Stream and try your luck at catching the fish of your dreams!
6. Visit a Cuban baseball game
No visit to Cuba will be complete without acquaintance with the subject of Cuba’s sporting obsession – baseball. The best way to get acquainted with the fanatical devotion that Cubans experience for this sport is to attend the Cuban Baseball Championship (Serie Nacional de Béisbol).
Cuban baseball does not use American baseball equipment; there are no luxurious seats or giant screens. Here there are only talented players, amazing sports excitement and crazy fans who selflessly support their favorite team. You are transported to the days when the sport was a real, uncomplicated business sport, and fully enjoy the quality of baseball.
7. Relax in Varadero
Varadero is a region of Cuba, which is famous all over the world for its natural beauty. The finest sand of clean sandy beaches, clear blue glass waves and a wonderful climate are all qualities.

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