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Exotic Dominicana

Travel companies today delight their customers with a variety of tours around the world. And one of the most popular destinations today is solar Dominican Republic.
Lovers of thrills, unforgettable impressions and connoisseurs of exotic nature should be advised to go to one of the most beautiful cities of the Dominican Republic – Juan Dolio. This is one of the most famous and popular resorts of the republic, which is located in a beautiful and cozy lagoon, protected from all sides by coral reefs. In Juan Dolio, you will find numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, great weather, numerous white sand beaches and all kinds of water sports. Holidays on the Caribbean coast are a godsend for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and the underwater world. The geographical location of the resort will allow you to combine all types of beach activities with excursion programs.
Juan Dolio is also attracted by the fact that it is located not far from the capital and only ten minutes from the equally beautiful and famous resort town of Boca Chica.
Tourists can purchase cheap tours to Boca Chika by booking them in advance or by booking a burning tour. When ordering a burning tour, you need to pay attention to the fact that you will not know in advance the date of departure, as a rule, travel agencies notify you of a burning voucher a few days before departure. Therefore, it is necessary that all documents are ready in advance, and prepayment or the full cost of the tour has been made.
The main highlights of the resort are fine, like flour, the purest sand and lagoon, surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. Lovers of windsurfing, water skiing and sailing are often gathered in Boca Chiku. A distinctive feature of this resort is a lively atmosphere. There is always fun, music is heard from restaurants, often in the style of merengue, and the locals are amazingly friendly and smiling. In Boca Chiku there are mainly 3 and 4 star hotels, and most of them are located on the coast.
Resting in this small town, you can make sightseeing trips to any major city in the country. But tourists often prefer local attractions, such as islands. Not far from the resort is the island of La Matica, known for its unique mangrove. Opposite the Boca Chiku beach is the picturesque island of Los Pinos – the island of pines. Among the famous beaches is the popular Playa Andres beach, not far from which you can see the marina with numerous yachts and ships.
Any of the resorts of the Dominican Republic is attractive for its features. Dominicana last minute tours are particularly pleased with their offers a decent holiday at a great price. And wherever you go in this country – your vacation will be remembered only by pleasant impressions.

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